Super Sedans

Super sedans are purpose-built race cars with either fiberglass or aluminum bodies, with a full chassis. Like all cars, super sedans have evolved and have come a long way from their humble beginnings. The first Australian Super Sedan championship season was 1971/1972 and each year is hosted in a different state, this is decided by Australian Saloon Car Federation (ASCF), the national controlling body.

The super sedans bodies are mostly typical of sedan style passenger car and are generally all rear wheel drive, however, they may be rear wheel drive. Unlike other classes there are many options when it comes to engines, however they are restricted to a weight parity ruling and that is the minimum weight when gridded up on the dummy grid in the pits is to exceed a minimum weight. V8’s 1140kg, 6 cylinders and rotary 1040kg and 4 cylinder 910kg.

If you wish to race a super sedan car please get in touch with your super sedan racing club for more information on joining their club and eligibility of racing in this division. 


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