Modified Sedans

The modified sedan racing division are hard-top car’s that seat a minimum of four people as per the car’s compliance plate.  Productions sedans were only introduced to QLD in 2011 and are rapidly growing in popularity. They are raced across all states in Australia.

The cars may only be upgraded using the body panels of the same series of cars – (e.g Ford Falcons EA – EL, Holden Commodores – (VN-VS).  The engines can be a maximum of 6 cylinders reciprocating engine to 4500cc absolute OR twin rotor rotary engine. Models with forced induction are not permitted.

If you wish to race a modified sedan please get in touch with your local modified sedan racing club for more information on joining their club and eligibility of racing in this division. 


Modified Sedan Racing Clubs:

Speedway Sedans Australia Inc

Super Sedan Association Inc –

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