Junior Sedans

Junior sedans are for our young up and coming drivers, drivers can begin racing from 10 years old and will continue in the division whilst they are under 17 years old.  If you see a driver with a “P” plate on their car this means they are within their first 12months and are classed as a new driver. The first junior sedan WA championship was in the 1981 / 1982 season at Claremont Speedway in Perth, Western Australia.

The official class criteria states “A Junior Sedan class race car is built from a hard-top road car seating a minimum of four persons, as per compliance plate, and cataloged for sale in Australia, i.e. available new, to the general public through authorised Dealer sale and service networks throughout Australia”

If you wish to race a junior sedan car please get in touch with your junior sedan racing club for more information on joining their club and eligibility of racing in this division.


Junior Racing Clubs:

Speedway Sedans Australia Inc – www.speedwaysedans.com

Super Sedan Association Inc – www.supersedan.com.au

Junior Speedway Racing Association – www.jsrawa.com

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