Thank you for your interest in FRYDAY NIGHT SKIDZ @ BUNDABERG MOTORPLEX.

The aim of FRYDAY NIGHT SKIDZ is to provide a safe, controlled, legal and low-cost event for local car enthusiasts to not only test their cars on the 30 x 35m burnout pad, but also create a social atmosphere where you can meet up with likeminded people, listen to some music and other entertainment as the event grows.

Bundaberg Motorplex will have a ZERO TOLERANCE approach to illegal hooning and street racing type behaviour, especially arriving and leaving the venue, please be mindful of our neighbours, the safety of others and yourself and this event will be around for years to come.


Drivers $30, Spectators/ Passengers $10, Under 16 Free

Gates open 4pm, First Session 5pm – 7pm, Second Session 7pm – 9pm

Competition and other cars deemed too loud by venue officials will only be allowed to participate in the first session due to noise restrictions and will get a maximum of three runs, Street style cars are able to participate in both sessions bunt must have mufflers.

A sticker will be placed on your windscreen at scrutineering and will be marked every time you go out for a run, in the case of a large number of participants attending an event, you may be limited to a certain amount of runs at the venues discretion.

Canteen and Bar open until 10:30pm, Drivers and Passengers must have arm bands issued upon entry and will not be served alcohol, if you are suspected of being under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs you will not be able to take any further part in the event, the venue officials decision is final.

Entrant Registration

  • Minimum Age is 16 years old
  • All drivers / Passengers must complete relevant Event entry and indemnity forms and receive arm bands before competing.
  • Any driver under 18-years of age must be accompanied by a parent/ guardian in the vehicle and their entry form must be accompanied by a Parent/ Legal Guardian Acknowledgement of Risk including Waiver, Release and Indemnity which must be completed and signed by the parent/legal guardian in the presence of, and be witnessed by, a registration official.
  • All Drivers, Passengers and Parents/Guardians must present photo identification
  • Note: A legal guardian must be either a parent or a court-appointed guardian. Siblings, friends or neighbours will not be accepted as guardians unless court documents can be provided as evidence
  • Note: Breath testing WILL be conducted on all drivers and crew.


  • Long pants and long-sleeved upper body garment shirt (no nylon clothing)
  • Enclosed shoes and socks
  • Helmet – AS/NZS 1698:2006 minimum
  • Note: Sleeves must be down before, during and after the burnout and until the car is parked and engine turned off
  • It is highly recommended that drivers of high horsepower, blown, methanol-fuelled vehicles wear an approved fire suit of a suitable level.

Driving Standards

  • Burnouts must be contained within the confines of the Burnout Pad only
  • No vehicle is to be placed against a safety wall in order to perform a static burnout
  • Drivers must stop immediately when directed to do so by a fire marshal or official, the use of green and red lights around the track and a torch directed at the driver will indicate you must stop immediately
  • Drivers must remain wholly within the vehicle and at the controls at all times while the engine is running
  • One Passenger allowed, must remain within the vehicle and seatbelt or harness worn correctly.
  • ZERO blood / breath Level of Alcohol or Drugs, anyone suspected of being under the influence will not be able to take any further part in the event and could face further action.
  • Bundaberg Motorplex general venue regulations apply and the decisions of the track organizers will be final, failure to follow the directions of a venue official, employee or security may result in immediate eviction from the venue and or further action.
  • These Rules and Guidelines are subject to change at any time without notice


  • Neat street-style appearance of vehicles required
  • Automatics must have an operational neutral safety switch
  • No oil or fluid leaks
  • Minimum 600ml coolant overflow tank/bottle
  • Minimum lap-sash seat belt
  • Seats must be in good supportive condition and have all mounting bolts fitted
  • No liquid to run through vehicle’s cabin area unless fully enclosed in steel housing approved by scrutineering officials
  • Battery to be well secured (it is highly recommended to have an isolation switch)
  • Recommended to have transmission shield or blanket
  • Bonnets may be removed if fitted with an electric fan; bonnet must be in place if fitted with a mechanical fan
  • Fuel cells/tanks and battery must be isolated from vehicle’s cabin area
  • Nothing to be sprayed on or placed on tyres
  • Any modified floor pan/fire wall and tunnel to be inspected by scrutineers for approval
  • Driveline protection essential
  • Tail shaft loop with full 360 degree enclosure; minimum thickness 3mm, minimum width 50mm, installed within 150mm from front universal joint on all supercharged and non-factory Turbo cars
  • Tyres must be road worthy; bald tyres will not be permitted
  • Wheel nuts must be standard nuts to suit the wheels being used; mag wheel nuts not permitted on steel rims; all wheel weights must be removed
  • No convertible vehicles permitted unless approved by venue prior to event
  • No changes are to be made to the vehicle after the vehicle has been scrutineered unless the vehicle is scheduled to be rechecked before entering competition

Additional considerations for high performance (supercharged/turbocharged) vehicles

  • Blower belt guard and restraints required for all ‘out-of-bonnet’ (aftermarket) superchargers
  • Harmonic balancer meeting SFI 18.1 standards
  • Transmission shield or blanket (3mm steel shields over tunnel accepted upon approval by scrutineering officials)
  • Mechanical fuel injection must have fuel shut-off operational from driver’s compartment
  • No fluid to run through vehicle cabin area unless fully enclosed in steel housing and approved by scrutineering officials
  • Manual transmissions are highly recommended to have a clutch shield.

This is a social, non-competition event designed to give you a place to come and have fun, If there is anything that you would like to know or suggest for the event, or something that you are unsure is safe or would be allowed for your vehicle, please contact us on the details below.

We hope you enjoy Fryday Night Skidz @ Bundaberg Motorplex and look forward to seeing you there.

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